What I earned from the trip_Amy Ryu
 Human Asia (humanasia@humanasia.org)     2013년 07월 02일    3,831  

Amy Jeehyeong Ryu

  “I love you.”is what Aga Surina from my homestay family whispered to me upon my departure. I felt such a burden to say goodbye back to her when she had just known me by my name and told me that she loved me. How memorable the week I spent in Nepal was! I believe it will remain in my heart as a good memory my entire life; it was such an opportunity that I could experience and learn various things.
  Nepal was worse off than my anticipation. People used the water from river contaminated with wastes to wash themselves and do laundry with it. I was suprised to see them drinking the water. No sanitation could be found in Nepal. The electricity, too, was not in a good condition. Because the electiricity was not well provided children could not study home after dusk. When the night grew late, the winter's chill would come through doors and windows to stir people from sleep.
  The children were, however, very innocent in such an environment. Upon our arrival at KBCC (Kathmandu Badikhel Children Center), the children welcomed us with their arms wide open and spoke to us. They tried to fix our bad Nepali pronunciation with curiosity. Under such bad conditions, the children impressed me a lot with seemingly happiness to play together and study hard. When I saw these children I had to regret everyday complaints I made even with all that I have.  I would like to express my affection for Hira, Surina, Sushma, Ashmita, and other children who welcomed me with love during my short visit.
  It was not only a good time to reflect myself but a precious moments to spend with valuable people I met. We were all from different places with different intentions but together in Nepal we spent such a good time: climbing mountains, helping others, sharing our thoughts, and playing games. I could not let go my fellow volunteers without tears after one week together in Nepal. I hope this relationship made under the name of Human Asia Volunteers would last long. I am just thankful that I achieved way more than what I expected when I first applied to Human Asia Nepal Office voluntary program.