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The last day of the 2013 Human Rights School.
 Human Asia (humanasia@humanasia.org)     2013년 06월 03일    5,100  

   With summer approaching, the Human Rights School for High School Students came to its end. Just as the program for middle school students dealt with the UN conventions and protocols with regards to gender discrimination, racism, refugees' status, and immigrant workers, it also taught the high school students about the conventions with the tragic backgrounds that generated them. In order to check the students' understanding of what they had learned during the course, we held a human rights contest under the title, 'Human Rights Golden Bell.'
   In the end of the class, the students, with the materials they had prepared home, went out to advocate rights of those they decided to support last saturday: some for immigrant workers, some for child soldiers, and some for child laborers. They proudly advocated for those in need of help.
   I understand how the subjects dealt in the class might have been a bit grave, but the opportunity to think about how traditions, religions and social structure alienate and agonize some people will provide the students with a just mind and strength to choose right things when they grow up; that's the beginning of human rights enhancement. Let's all take our parts in making a better world.
   The winner of Golden Bell was Jungwoo Kim from KIS. It was good to have students with utmost interests in other people's lives. I'd like to appreciate the good work every student showed throughout the whole curriculum.

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