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World Refugee Day Celebration 'Voice of Dots'
 Human Asia (humanasia@humanasia.org)     2013년 06월 17일    5,536  


The World Refugee Day is coming!
  In celebration of the World Refugee Day, the organizations of Refugee Network and UNHCR organized Korea Refugee Week from June 15th to 21st.  On the first day, the 15th, was the opening ceremony under the name 'Voice of Dots,' where the dots represent refugees from overseas. With the citizens at leisure to participate in the events designed to advocate the refugees, we could have made more people closer to refugees living in Korea. Following are some of the main events on the day.

1. Flash mob: 'There's an island among people. I want to go to the island.' Dancers approached to the center as if they were approaching to an isolated island. After, they got along together with folk dance.
2. Performances: The different cultures of the refugees were actually something we all could enjoy. There were a Brazilian band and multi-national bands performing on the Gwanghwamoon square.
3. Giant Balls: There were ten giant balls rolling on the square, each representing a refugee living in Korea. By selecting a color, the citizens could hear about a true story of the refugees live.

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