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The 2nd Global Human RIghts School
 Human Asia (humanasia@humanasia.org)     2013년 07월 05일    5,614  

  The Global Human Rights School was held on July 5th, 2013.  Students from all around the world came to take the lessons in Human Rights from the invited guest speakers. Joanna Hosaniak was the first guest lecturer to talk about UN & Global Peace Keeping. The lecture was conveyed through many cases she personally experienced through her activities for people in North Korea to tell the roles by NGOs. The second guest was Yiombi Thona, who recently became an associate professor at a Korean university. He told us about the refugees in Korea, as a friend rather than just a lecturer. After all the lectures were over, the students were reminded of the things they had just learned through a game 'Yutnori.' 
  In the end of the program, Changrok Soh--the president of Human Asia--as he gives out the certificates of participation, suggested the students to take some time to think about why there are so many people striving to work so hard to help the weak and the minorities. We just hope these experiences would pile up so much that human rights will always stay as the most important value for them.
Thank you all for your participation.

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