After the week in Nepal_Jungwoo Choi
 Human Asia (     2014년 02월 14일    2,276  

I learned a lot after I went to volunteer work to Nepal. I didn’t like public transportation since there are many people so I always walked to get to places of my choices. However I got used to riding pubilc transportations in Nepal sitting with five people where there seemed to be enough space only for four people. The Nepali people I saw were like angels to me. Nobody complained for hot weather or narrow seats. People happily volunteered to carry other people's baggage when someone full of hands got on the bus. I even saw people even taking care of other people's babies and that seemed to be a natural thing in Nepal. It was hard even to imagine such scenes in Korea but it was common in Nepal.

When I first went there, I was surprised that children were fond of laughing. When we went to buy winter clothes, children kept talking to me in Nepali, so I had hard time understanding them but last night when they told me they were really sorry and thankful on the day, I felt even worse to hear them saying such things. I hoped that these children can enjoy better life and I felt grateful what I have been enjoying.

Even though we couldn’t prepare well, children were excited and passionate. At first, I thought I could just hang out with them and have some fun very easily, but after I arrive in Nepal, I instinctively sensed Nepali was necessary for me to communicate with them. I want to go there next year as well but with much preaparation and better program to have more fun with the children.