Volunteer story by Yeonsoo Ha
 Human Asia (humanasia@humanasia.org)     2014년 02월 14일    3,011  

On January 2014, Badikhel was still quiet and peaceful. I revisited this town in a year and nothing changed in Badikhel. I felt sorry that we didn’t have much time to prepare and stay in Badikehl. But we organized and prepared better than last year, and we had more opportunity to meet more children for each volunteer since we had only a few volunteers.

Although we were not talented at music or art, the children loved to participate in singing and origami together. The chief of the center let us know that it is hard to find some basic art tools such as crayons, colored papers in Nepal as arts and sports education is undeveloped. I was shocked by the fact that it was very difficult for the children to get access to things like music instruments and art tools that were so familiar to me. I regretted that I didn’t bring some colored papers because I had thought it would not have been so useful. I felt I still had a long way to go. Though it was my second visit, I didn’t get a clue about what children needed.
Last year when I first visited Badikehl, I thought I should make some achievement. Like most beginners do. I also had a thought that I should set an ambitious goal and achieve it. However, through the two times of experiences, I realized something very important— I should have known what I need first before what they need.

On the way to Badikehl, I was very nervous what if the children couldn’t remember me. What if they had already forgotten me while I missed them so much? It felt like going to meet someone I had a crush on. On Saturday after I arrived in Nepal, I asked the children if they still remembered me. Most of them said yes. The children even asked me why I changed my English name. They remembered my English name of the last year, which was quite difficult for the children. Some asked about volunteers of last year that couldn’t come this time and how they were doing. I felt this wasn’t a mere volunteering any more but meeting my friends again that I was longing for. Maybe what we needed to have was not a spirit of volunteering but love between one person to another. Just like when you really love a friend, you naturally know what he or she loves and needs, what the children and we needed was getting to know and becoming real friends, staying and talking together.
To do so, I should start studying Nepali more. म तपाईंलाई रुचि!( I like you!)