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Miracle with Human Asia: Night of Gratitude
 Human Asia (humanasia@humanasia.org)     2014년 05월 26일    2,071  

In order to express our gratitude to those who have been supporting Human Asia for last eight years, we had hosted a night party on May 22nd at EL Tower near Yangjae Station, Seoul.
Hyojin Chung, a television news anchor, emceed the event, in which Ilhwan Bae and his students at Ewha Womans University, Amaranth, a chorus of Yonsei University alumni; and Shine Lee Sunjong performed. Jaekwan Kwon, Seungyoon Byun, and Minsang Yu from Koco Entertainment also visited us to perform comedies as a talent donation.

Human Asia cannot be doing the job of enhancing human rights of Asian people without the help of the supporters and volunteers. Give us continuous love and supports so we can keep striving to enhance the situation of Asia. 

"Thank You!"