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Prelude to the Refugee Week in commemoration of World Refugee Day
 Human Asia (humanasia@humanasia.org)     2014년 06월 16일    4,818  

Once again, the World Refugee Day is near and we--the refugee support network--have organized a Refugee Week  to commemorate the World Refugee Day. The Refugee Week was opened on the June 14th at the Seoul Station Square.

The opening was a flashmob performance, in which 100 volunteers sang and danced along the song 'Heal the World' by Michael Jackson, with the yellow umbrellas symbolizing hardship suffered by refugees. We were expressing our desire that the world be a place where refugees are not caused as everyone is embraced as he/she is and love is valued the most.

After the performance at the Seoul Station Square, we moved on to perform, once again, at the Car free zone near Hongik University Station. The message was identical: the refugees are among us. In addition to the flashmob performance, we managed a few booths in order to raise awareness on refugees in Korea and other countries around the world. Eight other activists among us even went out to do street campaign in order to bring more people to the booth zone, which really turned out to be successful.

We know Refugee Week is just a tiny annual event we organize in order to instill interests in people's hearts, which does not last long. We, thus, strongly desire for a society, where people pay everyday concerns to the aliens and embrace those with different backgrounds and ideas because, for the refugees, fears for their home country and hardships in foreign land are todays's reality, as well as an year-lasting one.