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The 2014 Model UN Human Rights Council UPR Orientation
 Human Asia (humanasia@humanasia.org)     2014년 06월 24일    3,192  

On June 21st, the 2014 Model UN Human Rights Council UPR orientation was held at Joosan Hall, Seoul National University Gwanak Campus Centennial Building, College of Law.

At the orientation, finalists were able to hear general instructions on the finals as well as a special lecture on the UN Human Rights mechanism by director Sunghoon Lee of Korea Human Rights Foundation. Finalists were then given the opportunity to draw the dividends of each government of the State under review and the participating State of the UPR. We wish you the best of luck and hope that the finals will be a valuable time to better understand the human rights situation in Northeast Asia.

In addition, for those who wish to participate as an observer, please refer to the following link. http://www.humanasia.org/board/bbs_view.php?no=137&board_table=bbs_notice