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The 3rd Global Human Rights School for Teenagers
 Human Asia (humanasia@humanasia.org)     2014년 07월 01일    1,643  

The 3rd Global Human Rights School took place on June 28th at The Princeton Review Institute. Under the theme'Art & Human Rights', the students from various schools had a chance to hear about how human rights is portrayed in art, architecture and films. It was a chance to see human rights issues outside books and relevant offices, and realize how close they are in our everyday lives. We also had a lively lecture on refugees from a real refugee living in Korea. As a living witness, he was able to give descriptive anecdotes, personal thoughts and any other answers the students wanted to know. During team project time, the students were asked to prepare a film production on any human rights issue. They each took roles as directors, scriptwriters and actors to create imaginary film and posters to deliver the message. It was an excellent time to see their creativity and deep interest. We hope that all students had a great time in understanding different human rights stories in arts and culture. We heartily appreciate students and teachers for their participation and The Princeton Review Institue for providing the venue.