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I'm Malala
 Human Asia (humanasia@humanasia.org)     2015년 05월 21일    2,777  

By Malala Yousafzai (contributed by Christina Lamb)
Published 2013, Little, Brown and Company


Malala is 14 years old girl who got shot by Taliban, while she was on the way back from school. She comes up front for secularism and pro-westernization, which led Taliban to attack her. Her only dream of want, children having a better education, was rejected.
Having her slogan called, “My name is Malala," she started to work as a human right activist, and sent a petition to claim for people, girls, and boys that they need to have an education. She got all the support from all corners of the world, yet she was poorly treated by her nation, Pakistan. Moreover, she was degraded as a teenager who desire for fame.
Given the continuous conflicts, in some way, Pakistani government should have not made an agreement with Taliban. Due to this reason, the surrender of government led to rage of Taliban. The Islamic extremist group, Taliban, purely believe and aim for Islamic religion should stand up for resisting the West, yet those belief and aim led to suppress the rights of women for education, and led to death of many people. Their religion cannot be said as the true religion, it is a religion that took away peoples’ life.

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