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Human Asia Newsletter April 2016
 Human Asia (humanasia@humanasia.org)     2016년 04월 29일    1,499  
April 2016/No.71

NEWS No. 1
Visiting Nepal and India (18- 21, March)
Human Asia visited our  Nepal Office in Badikhel Nepal, to deliver the signboards to the recipients of the rebuilt  'Human House',  constructed through donation and fund-raising activities from Human Asia. We also visited a school for Jumma Chakma students in India through the Jumma People's Network Korea,  and donated sporting goods..    

NEWS No. 2
Campaign for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (18 March)
 The 5th Human Asia Pioneers (HAP) prepared a campaign to celebrate the UN's International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination at Shinchon St.  It included true or false questions to inform the public of the dangers of racial discrimination, and facts of racial discrimination in Korea. We wish to support everyone fighting for the end of the discrimination, and to thank the public for active participation.  

NEWS No. 3
The 2016 Jumma's Boi-Sa-Bi Festival (16 April)
The Jumma Community in Gimpo celebrated their new year with many supporters and friends by holding the Boi-Sa-Bi Festival. This celebration is a combination of three festivals; Boisuk, Sangrai and Bizu from different Jumma ethnic groups from Bangladesh. It was held on Saturday with many enjoyable events, and particiapants were served with Jumma traditional delicacies. Human Asia staff and Human Asia Pioneers had a wonderful evening at Gimpo.    

NEWS No. 4
Information Session on 2016 Model UN Human Rights Council UPR (28-30 April)
 Three information sessions were held on April 28th, 29th and 30th to promote the upcoming competition.  The guideline for the application and the process of the Model UPR itself were explained in detail. For anyone who could not make it to the session, but interested in the event, please refer to the official notice at the Naver Cafe (http://cafe.naver.com/modelunhrcupr) for more information. Application deadline is May 15th.
  God Grew Tired of Us
Written by John Bul Dau, Michael S. Sweeney/ Published by National Geographic 2007
If a person left his home country involuntarily due to a war, would he be called a refugee? Surely, he would appear to be one. However, in reality he is not a refugee, according to the 1951 Refugee Convention. He reached another country through hard moments. He witnessed his friends' and family's death with his own eyes, and had to be thankful that he was not included in the death count. While many Sudanese who left their homes during the civil war were granted refugee status, most are not recognized as such in many countries.

'God Grew Tired us Us: A Memoir' is a descriptive book about a Sudanese boy who went to the United States during the civil war that ravaged his country. The author tells a story of how he passed the neighboring countries by foot to finally reach U.S. and how boys like him were called 'Lost Boys'. The book describes the events the authour experienced, all too much for a young boy to endure for over 14 years, and the readers will not be able to change any of his/her previous misunderstanding of refugees ... 
  The Last King
2006/ Directed by Kevin MacDonald/ Starred by James McAvoy, Forest Whitaker, Gilian Anderson
This movie is based on General Idi Amin, a notorious dictator of Uganda, and his personal physician named Garrigan. General Idi Amin is well-known for his acute abuse of human rights, ethnic persecution and corruption. Under his reign, an estimation of over 300,000 people have died.
The movie focuses on the memoir of the fictional physician Garrigan. Although recruited to treat Amin, Garrigan was later heavily consulted for more serious matters, such as the decisions concerning the state. While Garrigan treats the people in the clinic. Idi Amin overthrows President Milton Obote in a coup d'etat. Garrigan believes that Amin would help to stablize the country, while all along most people around him were warning him of dictatorship and abuse of power. One day, Garrigan is called to treat Amin who got into a car accident. During this incident, Garrigan shoots a mortally wounded cow to end its misery and pain. Amin is impressed at such decisiveness and asks Garrigan to become his private physician. From a physician, Garrigan becomes a trusted confidant,.. 

  • Orientation for Finalists of 2016 Model UN Human Rights Council UPR (21 May)
  • Human Asia's Workshop on "Education of the Children of Migrant Workers in Asia: Assistance, Barriers and Opportunities" on Monday 30th at the <66th UN DPI/NGO Conference> at Gyeongju, Korea (30 May - 1 June)

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김고은 김광일 김도형 김리나 김미란 김미리 김민서 김민지 김소연 김수영
김영자 김자원 김장호 김태령 김 혁 김 혁2 김형근  남수연 류성호 류호근
문대원 문선경 박범진 박병재 박지원 박지원2 박창현 박현준 박혜란 배명호
배일환 서창우 서창희 손교명 송영훈 송진원 신영미 신성환 심재경 안미보
양기웅 양찬서 엄영선 오다건 원재천 원종혁 원준표 유연우 유윤정 윤대웅
윤웅산 윤정원 이경문 이동희 이미숙 이선이 이성현 이연재 이영환 이유정
이은경 이재천 이정국 이진영 이철호 이혜랑 이효리 임유철 장근호 장동진
장선희 전명옥 정사명 정성윤 정윤재 정혜영 제강호 조규완 조산새 조수아
조용노 조윤영 조지영 주계현 지연숙 차민태 최서린 최치훈 한서원 한석희
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