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Human Asia Newsletter June 2016
 Human Asia (humanasia@humanasia.org)     2016년 07월 04일    1,549  
June 2016/No.73

NEWS No. 1
66th UN DPI/NGO Conference@ Gyeongju
(30 May - 1 June)
Human Asia participated in the 66th UN DPI/NGO Conference at Gyeongju. The conference was centered on the theme of quality education for global citizenship and coopereation for the implementation of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). On the list of attendees were UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and some 4000 NGO leaders from around the world. It was an opportunity for NGO leaders and workers to gather together, form networks and discuss ways in which NGOs can contribute to handling major issues in achieving SDG 4.7..    

NEWS No. 2
2016  Korea Refugee Film Festival (KOREFF)
On June 18th, the Korea Refugee Supporting Network presented the 2nd Korea Refugee Film Festival at Daehan Theatre in Chungmuro. The film festival was organized by Human Asia, co-hosted by the Korea Refugee Supporting Network and UNHRC, and sponsored by Seoul Metropolitan Government, Uniqlo and BM-Tech. The festival started with special performance by Raspberry Fields, screened 4 films about refugees, and provided various activities to promote general awareness of refugees in Korean society...  

NEWS No. 3
2016 Model UN Human Rights Council UPR Orientation
On June 25h, the orientation for finalists of  2016 Model UN Human Rights Council UPR took place at  Seoul National University. The finalists learned the modalities of the event and each teams decided participating UPR countries during the team-building session. The finals will take place on July 28-29 at Seoul National University, and Human Asia hopes for best results for all participants, and  deeper understanding of the human rights situation in North East Asia.    
2015/ Directed by Jacques Audiard/ Starred by Antonythasan Jesuthasanand more
"Dheepan", a new identity and a new name for Sivadhasan, once a Tamil warrior in the last days of the Sri Lankan Civil War, finds himself in the refugee camp after his side loses. His journey to France as a refugee ont only gives him a new name, Dheepan, buy also a new family. In order to craft a more convincing story to seek political asylum in France, a broker matches him with Yalini, who will act as his wife, and Illayaal, who acts as his daughter. The three suddenly find themselves a family. Starting a new life in France, Dheepan is sent to a village outside Paris and is assigned to be a resident caretaker, and slowly settle in the new environment with his new family. Ironically, they encounter a new war in the place they took for a sanctuary. To protect his new family from the gans who run and abuse the town, Dheepan once again turns a warrior.
The film won the Palme d'Or at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. The Coen brothers, judges for the festival, marked that despite differing opinions among the judges on other fims, 'Dheepan' was unanimously hailed as the awardee of the Palms d'Or.,.. 

  • Global Human Rights School for Teenagers (1 July)
  • 2016 4th Model UN Human Rights Council UPR Competition (28-29 July)

강문숙 강수아 곽병수 구나연 구명진 구자승 구정우 권오승 김갑유 김고은
김광일 김도형 김동혁 김리나 김미란 김미리 김민서 김민강 김민지 김소연
김수영 김영자 김장호 김태령 김 혁 김 혁2 김형근 남수연 류성호 류호근
문대원 문선경 박범진 박병재 박지원 박지원2 박창현 박현준 박혜란 배명호
배일환 서창우 서창희 손교명 송영훈 송진원 신성환 심재경 안미보 양기웅
양찬서 엄영선 오다건 원재천 원종혁 원준표 유연우 유윤정 윤대웅 윤웅산
윤정원 이경문 이동휘 이미숙 이선이 이연재 이영환 이유정 이은경 이재천
이정국 이진영 이진화 이철호 이혜랑 이효리 이효정 임유철 장근호 장동진
장선희 전명옥 정사명 정성윤 정성림 정윤재 정혜영 제강호 조규완 조산새
조수아 조용노 조윤영 조지영 주계현 지연숙 차민태 최서린 최치훈 한석희
한지민 힌태준 허 선 황선영 황선영2 황유정 황태희      
(주)부원공업, (주)파라다이스, (주)대덕휴비즈, 트리코인베스트먼트(주), 한국외국인학교, 일동제약CSR, 화정평화재단, 의료법인오해븐, 고양국제고 보담, 대원외고 휴라시아, 서울과학고 휴라시아, 서울예고 휴라시아, 숙명여고 휴라시아, 숭의 휴라시아, 신동중 휴라시아, 압구정중 Right Helpers, 외국인학교 연합 Korea International Human Rights, 용인외고 휴라시아, 청심 CS 휴라시아, 하나고 휴라시아, 휘문중 휴라시아 
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