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Story of Hat Donation of ‘Morado’
 Human Asia (humanasia@humanasia.org)     2017년 06월 16일    508  

Morado is a 50-year-old brand which produces top quality women’s apparel, especially knitwear, with its own unique patterns and weaves using only carefully selected thread. Morado’s knitwear also set the trends with its exclusive fabric. It pursues “one point, one style” design policy to create elegant women’s wear.

Morado wondered what only Morado can do for community and decided to use leftover thread from knitwear production. Morado created knitted hats with messages from each employee, and donated two hundred hats to Human Asia. Human Asia requested the medical service volunteers to deliver these warm gifts to Kabanjahe, Indonesia.

Morado promised to donate hundreds of hats, blankets, and other knit products consistently afterwards. Thank you Morado for the precious gifts for newborns.

Morado_hat_letter_.jpg 201706 Morado.jpg