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The 5th Global Human Rights School for Teenagers
 Human Asia (humanasia@humanasia.org)     2017년 06월 30일    636  

5th Global Human Rights School for Youth took place on June 24. The theme this year was ‘Refugees’, in order to commemorate World Refugee Day (20th of June). The program of the 5th Global Human Rights School consisted of campaign, participation of the KOREFF (Korea Refugee Film Festival) and lecture. The campaign sessions were taken twice – once in the morning and another on the afternoon. Early in the morning, the students went out on the streets near DaeHan Theatre (the venue of KOREFF) with the posters The campaign was initiated to promote ‘The 3rd Korea Refugee Film Festival’ and raise awareness of ‘refugees’ to the ordinary citizens. After the campaign, students participated in the 3rd KOREFF by watching two documentaries produced by UNHCR : ‘Salvation’ and ‘Limbo’. During the movie session, not only students watched the documenatries but also were able to ask and share their understandings with two directors of the films and the UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Jung Woo-sung for an hour.

After lunch, the afternoon program started by campaigning, from DaeHan Theatre to Seoul NPO Center. In the NPO Center, the participants had a chance to learn about general theories, related-laws and lives of refugees. The students were able to realise how closely the refugee issues are related to our lives in this lecture through real life examples and stories by the lecturer, whom became a lawyer after a long refugee life.

We hope it has been a valuable time to understand the issues and lives of refugees and we appreciated all the enthusiasm students showed during the 5th Global Human Rights School for Youth.