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2nd Day of 2017 3rd KOREFF
 Human Asia (humanasia@humanasia.org)     2017년 06월 30일    1,086  

The second day of the 3rd KOREFF took place in the ‘Marronnier Park’. In the park, various booths by different organizations in the 'Korea Refugee Supporting Network' were set-up and allowed more interaction and participation from the citizens.

All the organizations not only delivered the basic knowledge about the refugees, but also focused on raising the awareness of the citizens in various ways. Some organizations provided Q&A session with actual refugees in Korea, some sold goods made by refugees or did fundraising activities to help the refugees and others provided refugee-related games.

Human Asia, also part of the Korea Refugee Supporting Network, initiated different events; including campaigning, fundraising, hand-printing events and promoting Human Asia and refugee issues. The campaign and quizzes were taken in process both in the booth and outside of the booth. Thanks to high-school volunteers from human rights associations of different schools, the campaign was done successfully. Students were able to deliver the message of supporting needs of refugees and interacted by giving out goods and information provided by Human Asia. Also, Human Asia sold umbrella and t-shirts designed by Human Asia as part of the fundraising event.

This day was meaningful in several ways. First of all, we were able to provide a chance to realise the issues of the refugees, not in a heavy and dull but active and easy way. Second, we also received a lot of support and energy from the citizens to even further our goals in helping refugees.
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