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2017 Young Human Rights Activists Workshop: Mentoring Program
 Human Asia (humanasia@humanasia.org)     2017년 08월 18일    1,805  

The 12th Young Human Rights Activists Workshop completed the human rights education part of the workshop (June 26th-July 5th), and began the mentoring project from July 6th (Thurs) to July 13th (Thurs).

[Mentoring Program]
July 6th (Thur): Human rights lawyer (Attorney Hwang Pil-Gyu, Human Rights Law Foundation GongGam

July 7th (Fri): International human rights activist (Coordinator Baek Gayoon, People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy (PSPD)

July 10th (Mon): North Korean defector human rights activist I (Kim Hyuk, The Academy of Korean Studies)

July 11th (Tue): North Korean defector human rights activist II (Lee Soyeon, New Korea Women’s Union)

July 12th (Wed): Leadership training I (Self-leadership) (Cha Eun-young, President of Center for Creative Coaching)

July 13th (Thur): Leadership training II (Communication skills) (Bae Ji-eun, President of Yuyeon Consulting)