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Goyang Global High School Human Rights Club OT & Human Rights Scho
 Human Asia (humanasia@humanasia.org)     2017년 08월 18일    1,780  

The students of Goyang Global High School Human Rights Club, Bodam, visited Human Asia Secretariat to attend the orientation for the new members of the club and participated in Human Rights School. With the new members, there was a brief introduction of Human Asia and Human Asia's Human Rights Club, and a discussion on human rights, using the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The activities of the day are as follows:
1) Discussion of human rights violations encounters in real life and on SNS
2) Storytelling based on the discussion (characters/ conflicts/ possible solutions/ expectations etc)
3) Perceived problem: sexual harrassment in public places- including social stigma that "you asked for it," depending on the outfit of the victims. Solution: Campaign to raise public awareness
4) Rough draft of posters to be used in the campaign
We had a good time with interested, passionate members of Bodam, GGHS's Human Rights Club. We wish them best of luck in this year's human rights activities! :)