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Human Asia Newsletter August 2016
 Human Asia (humanasia@humanasia.org)     2016년 08월 31일    3,858  
August 2016/No.75

NEWS No. 1
2016 4th Model UN Human Rights Council UPR
On 2016 July 28-29, the 4th Model UN Human Rights Council UPR, co-hosted by Seoul National Univerisity Human Rights Center, Korean Human Rights Foundation, Human Asia and sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, took place at Youngone Hall and Samik Hall, in the Asia Center located on the campus of SNU.  Undergraduate/graduate students participated in representing assigned four Northeast Asia countries under review.    

NEWS No. 2
2016 10th Asia Human Rights Forum
On August 17, the 10th Asia Human Rights Forum took place at the International Studies Hall of Korea Univerisity, under the title "Prospects and Challenges of Regional Cooperation for Human Rights Protection and Promotion in Asia." The forum was co-organized by Human Asia, Korea University Human Rights Center and sponsored by Jeongam Foundation, SSK Human Rights Forum, National Human Rights Commission of Korea, and Asia Democracy Network (ADN).  

NEWS No. 3
2016 11th Young Human Rights Activists Workshop
The 11th Young Human Rights Activists Workshop, a program tied with the Asia Human Rights Forum from the previous day, and took place at the International Studies Hall of Korea University on August 18-19. The workshop is aimed to teach, train and act as a network for students and activists whose interest lie in human rights..    
 We Need to be More Aware
Written by Sang Heon Lee/ Published by 생각의 힘 2015
<We Need to be More Aware> illustates the stories of the hard- working people around us. The author is currently the Special Adviser to the Deputy Director General for Policy on Economic and Social Issues, shares his insights and experiences on labor rights.
The book is divided into four sections. Part 1 illustrates the everyday life and hardships the people face at work: Turkey miners working under hazardous conditions whereas the Turkish government considers the dangers at mines as something ordinary, Korean residents putting up signs on their apartment building asking the delivery personnel to use stairs instead of elevators, and an American company that regards the workers' bathroom use as a waste of time and a proof of their laziness. Part 2 and 3 explains theoretical and real life stories of economics and labor market. Lastly, Part 4 shows the author's personal dedication.
The author's views and interpretation on the labor market and labor rights leave us a lot to about. Simply put, we learn that the labor market is consisted of the exchange of labor and wages between households and the firms....... 
 Born into Brothels
2004/ Directed by Zana Briski, Ross Kauffman/ Starred by Shanti Das, Puja Mukerjee, Avijit Haler and more
<Born into Brothels> is filmed in a documentary style, was released in 2004. The director of the film, Zana Briski, spent her time with the children in red-light district of Calcutta, India, whild shooting the film. She tried to observe their daily lives and reflect it into the film. She said that her role is neither that of a teacher nor a volunteer but a participant living together with people to understand their lives better. 
While watching the film, I was aghast at such unsanitary living conditions, the misery and the struggling of the lives in those places. But the children brings out smiles of the viewers. and hope that there is still much better laid out for them in the future. 
The film starts by handing out cameras to the children in the red-light district. They are taught how to use them, so they can capture their daily lives and other things attractive to them. The children, having a camera for very first time in their lives, work deliciously with their children minds: taking pictures ridiculously, realistically, in any ways, in the end showing their lives. It was the director's intention that the children come face-to-face with their lives, and along with that they use the cameras as methods for education. 

  • Human Rights School for Middle School (3 September)
  • Human Rights School for High School (10 September)

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김고은 김광일 김도형 김동혁 김리나 김미리 김민강 김민서 김민지 김소연
김수영 김영자 김은정 김자원 김장호 김태령 김 혁 김  혁2 김형근 남수연
류호근 문대원 문선경 박범진 박병재 박지원 박지원2 박창현 박현준 박혜란
배명호 배일환 서창우 서창희 손교명 송영훈 송진원 신성환 심재경 안미보
양기웅 양찬서 엄영선 오다건 원재천 원종혁 원준표 유연우 유윤정 윤대웅
윤웅산 윤정원 이경문 이동희 이미숙 이선이 이성현 이연재 이영환 이용훈
이유정 이은경 이재천 이정국 이진영 이진화 이철호 이혜랑 이효정 임유철
장근호 장동진 장선희 전명옥 정사명 정성윤 정성림 정윤재 정혜영 제강호
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한석희 한승목 한지민 한태준 허  선 황선영 황선영2 황유정 황태희  
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