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Human Asia Newsletter February 2017
 Human Asia (humanasia@humanasia.org)     2017년 03월 01일    3,169  
February 2017 HUMAN ASIA NEWS
February 2017/No.81

NEWS No. 1
Jeju KIS Human Rights Club Launch 
The members of newly formed Jeju KIS Human Rights Club visited Human Asia, and attended an orientation for the establishment of a Human Rights Club and special lecture on human rights. They spent time discussing what 'human rights' are based on the Universal Declaration for Human Rights, and approaching various human rights issues by creatively making 'Jeju KIS Human Rights Newspaper'. The members were enthusiastically involved in choosing and writing specific issues of human rights. Human Asia was intrigued by their energy and passion and wish them the best of luck in this year's human rights activities..    

NEWS No. 2
Donation of Self-published Coloring Books
The ardent supporter of Human Asia, Ms. Suah Cho (12th Grade, Bugil Academy)  visited Human Asia on 6 February to donate coloring pencils and personally published coloring books for SNEHA Students.  Her acquaintance with Human Asia started from her middle school years through the Human Rights Club. Since then, she continuously followed up on our activities and voluntarily offered her talent on various events. Being a teenager herself, Suah was especially interested in children's rights in Asia. She expressed her interest in Human Asia's current India SNEHA project as well, and decided to design her own coloring book..  

NEWS No. 3
Visiting SNEHA School in Diyun, India (10-19 Feb)
Human Asia's first research team visited SNEHA school in Arunachal Pradesh of India, and conducted local field research to our 'SNEHA Project' for 10 days.
The purpose of this visit was to search for the needs of Chakma's SNEHA Schools' needs in educational  support. Human Asia visited  3 SNEHA Schools located in Diyun, Vihar and Mandir, and met faculties, students, and local government officials. Despite poor school environment where students are educated in temporary bamboo buildings with lack of of educational tools, the faculty and students showed big passion towards education, and hoped for quality education for community improvement. We hope to form a   constructive educational supporting project to implement in the SNEHA Schools in the near future.   
 The Comfort Women
Written by George Hicks/ Published by W.W. Norton & Company
The term "comfort women" is one that has been associated for so long with the atrocities committed by the Japanese imperial army during WWII that it would not be surprising if it automatically led the average person to think of the Japanese soldiers as the only villains. This book, by detailing the lives of several comfort women and the settings in which their suffering took place, provides a more complete picture that is more balanced, albeit complicated. Through the accounts of the personal experiences of comfort women from different countries, of people who had helped manage the brutal system, and of witnesses, the book sheds light on details that are often left unexplored by the media and offers insights that are more impartial.
Among the issues that are covered, the issue of women is the most important of this book. It should be noted in advance that many Japanese comfort women are believed to have become what they were of their own volition, which makes their being grouped with the women who were coerced a questionable decision.. 
  The Green Mile
1999/ Directed by Frank Darabont/ Starred by Tom Hanks, David Morse, Bonnie Hunt, Michael Clarke Duncan and others
This movie, which is based on a novel by Stephen King of the same name, centers on the story of a retired old man, Paul, who recounts the peculiar experiences he had as an officer working at a prison for death row inmates. The tale begins with the arrival of a stocky African American man named John at the prison where Paul works. He joins the death row as the murderer who is believed to have raped and killed two white girls. Given his daunting size, state of being mentally discharged, and -though not directly stated- his being an African American during a time when racism ran deep, his culpabiity is initially unquestioned. Gradually, however, John uses his special psychic powers to demonstrate that his outer appearances belie this true innocent nature. He even uses them prior to his execution to show Paul that the crimes which he is accused of having committed were in fact committed by another... 

  • The 10th Human Rights School for Teenagers (High School, 4 March)
  • The 10th Human Rights School for Teenagers (Middle School, 11 March)
  • North Korean Women Rights Talk Concert (8 March)

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