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Human Asia Newsletter August 2017
 Human Asia (humanasia@humanasia.org)     2017년 08월 31일    4,249  
August 2017/No.87

NEWS No. 1
2017 2nd Model UN Human Rights Council UPR Competition for High School
The 2nd Model UN HRC UPR Competition for High School was held on 3 August 2017. It was co-organized by Human Asia and Korea University Human Rights Center. A total number of 27 high school students participated in the finals by representing assigned countries and government delegations and discussed women's rights and human trafficking in Republic of Korea, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, China and Japan. The participants not only learned the process of the UPR system but also were provided with opportunities to think about the current issues of human rights in Northeast Asia region.    

NEWS No. 2
2017 Young Human Rights Activists Workshop
The 12th Young Human Rights Activists Workshop was held from 26 June to 26 July, for 2 hours everyday with the support from city of Seoul. This program was designed to educate the North Korean defectors and those who are interested in human rights in North Korea, aiming to nurture future human rights activists who can improve the human rights of North Korean people through leadership development and empowerment. The program combined human rights education, mentoring program and practical training session. The participants could gain a broad knowledge on human rights as well as hands-on skill required in practice.   

NEWS No. 3
New Staff of Human Asia
Since early August, Hyeonje Noh, International Development & Cooperation Team Officer (left) and Bomin Kim, Educational Development Team Officer (right) joined Human Asia. Hyeonje Noh will be in charge of overseas development and educational supporting program projects, while Bomin Kim will be in charge of Human Asia's human rights clubs in middle & high school, as well as designing educational programs on human rights.
 Under the Sun
2015/ Directed by Vitali Mansky
In the undercover documentary 'Under the Sun', the director Vitali Mansky follows an 8-year-old North Korean girl named Jin-mi as she prepares to join the Korean Children's Union, run by the Workers' Party, on the 'Day of the Shining Star' (Kim Jong-Il's birthday). While filming, Mr. Mansky realizes what North Korean regime offers to show him is all fake. The North Korean government cast the film, wrote the script and provided guides to feed the actors their lines and attitude while managing every detail of the project. He then manages to "reveal the true essence of the situation" under the regime by secretly copying a memory card at the end of the day documenting in North Korea. 
Jin-mi comes from an average-but 'exemplary'-family in Pyeongyang, and her family recieves instructions on how to be, or at least appear to be, the ideal patriots. As her mother was 'reassigned' as a worker at a soy-milk plant and her father a senior engineer at a garment factory for the film, Jin-mi strictly follows the make-belive plan. 

  • Human Rights School for Teenagers (September 2, Korea University)
  • Human Asia Internship Application (~ September 10)
  • Human Asia Board Meeting (September 21)

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김고은 김광일 김도형 김동혁 김민지 김민서 김민지 김선빈 김소연 김수영
김영자 김은정 김자원 김태령  김 혁 김  혁2 김형근 남수연 남지수 남류성호
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서창우 서창희 손교명 송영훈 송진원 신성환 심재경 양기웅 엄영선 오다건
원재천 원종혁 원준표 유연우 유윤정 윤대웅 윤웅산 이경문 이다정 이동희
이미숙 이선이 이성현 이연재 이영환 이용진 이유정 이은경 이재천 이정국
이철혼 이혜랑 임유철 장근호 장동진 전명옥 정사명 정성림 정성윤 정유미
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