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New Face at Human Asia
 Human Asia (humanasia@humanasia.org)     2011년 11월 29일    4,693  

New Face at Human Asia

It is my pleasure to meet Hurasia readers. My name is Seoyeon Jeong and I recently graduated from Ewha Womans University’s Department of Law. The internship at Human Asia helps me spend my time more productively, in a meaningful way, while I search for a right career.


My association with Human Asia came about while I was doing a volunteer work at Hanawon, a government institution for North Korean refugees. I became interested in human rights in North Korea during my senior year at Ewha, so I did volunteer activities relating to North Korean refugees. Then I felt, a comprehensive understanding of and approaches to “human rights” were needed in order to better understand human right issues in North Korea. That’s why I started my internship here with the expectation that Human Asia would help me achieve that.


My main tasks are to assist program managers and Secretary-General Jeonglim Kim: to monitor human right news by checking domestic and international newspapers; and to help publish the monthly newsletter Hurasia. Those office tasks might sound boring but I enjoy my work, sometimes exchanging friendly chats with people in the office.

There is a joke, “Human rights activists do not have human rights.” I feel, however, my human rights are a lot more respected when I work in Human Asia. What impresses me most is that the Secretary-General and the managers appreciate even little tasks I do for them. It is a small gesture, but because of that, I am more encouraged and motivated to do my work.


Currently, I do an internship in Human Asia on weekdays and a volunteer work at Hanawon on weekends. Down the road, I would like to build more knowledge on human rights at the international level here in Human Asia, and apply it to my work at Hanawon.


Regarding my career, I have a dream to be a planner in the online game industry. In the future, I want to contribute to creating a better world, though a little, with available means in my part by using social solidarity and love for human which I learn through Human Asia.


Now working in Human Asia, I am trying to expand the academic concept of human rights which I learned at school and to build more diverse and lively concept of human rights in my daily life.

Edited by Human Asia
Translated by Soonok Hwang (Ewha GSTI)