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Human Asia year-end ceremony
 Human Asia (humanasia@humanasia.org)     2012년 04월 20일    2,216  

Written by Hyung-bum, Oh
Participating students of Human Asia 11th Human Rights Academy

The night of December 16th was quite different from other Friday nights. I attended to Human Asia, which I learned from human rights academy, year-end ceremony as a volunteer. I have been to many year-end ceremonies and I have done many volunteers but it was my first time attending to year-end ceremony as a volunteer. Therefore, I was partly excited and partly nervous.

When I first arrived, it was before the ceremony so there were only Human Asia office people and other volunteers. I was very excited to meet Jeong-lim Kim director, A-rum Kim and Joo-ae Lee team head and other human rights friends. The two hours program was full of many different performances. It started with a movie clip which showed the path that Human Asia has taken. I especially paid attention to the clip because it was made by my friend Sang-rae Cho who is working as an intern. However, it was little disappointing to see people no laughing even though the clip was comical. The actual ceremony began with professor Chang-rok Seo’s opening speech. Professor Il-hwan Bae’s cello and piano on the background filled the room with a great sound. The ‘Yesterday’, which was an encore performance, got lot of applause from audience. Following this performance, there was Piano solo, Chanson singing, indie-band performance, dance performance by Bangladesh refugees. I worried that the ceremony might be boring at first since it was a ceremony by NGO, but these performances and delicious food has thrown away my worries.

Through Human Asia which I med through Human Rights Academy, I was able to fee the passion toward Asia Human right and I learned that many people are with Human Asia. With the passion and capability, I truly hope more human rights are protected. In addition, I am very thankful to Human Asia, which gave me the chance to volunteer for year-end ceremony.