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Taare Zameen Par: Like Stars on Earth (2007)
 Human Asia (humanasia@humanasia.org)     2017년 04월 27일    6,584  

Director: Amir Khan, Amor Gupte
Starring: Darsheel Safary, Aamir Khan, Tisca Chopra, Vipin Sharma and more 

8-year-old Ishaan, is a troublemaker in both town and school. Different from his brother who is always a top student in the school, he is always ostracized. People regarded Ishaan as a lazy and foolish child, because he was not interested in studying and always gave irrelevant answers. Even children bullied him and teachers scolded him everyday. During the class, Ishaan tells that the letters are dancing and gave up to calculate math problems, eventually failing in the exam. His parents decided to send him to a strict and coercive boarding school, under the pretext of Ishaan’s future success; however, Ishaan experienced difficulty in adapting to new circumstances and felt depression and sense of shame. The art instructor Nikumbh joined the school faculty and enlightened Ishaan that he is not wrong. When all turned away to Ishaan, Nikumbh noticed that Ishaan has dyslexia and gave him a special course. With teacher’s help Ishaan got over dyslexia and found his talent in the fine arts.

As the movie tells, India is now famous for having high fervor for education and honoring the top students as the best. In the academic factionalism, the oppressive and result-oriented educational system deprives creativity and potential of the children. Modern society requires children to compete each other in school, pushing their happiness aside. After civil rights violation in World War Ⅱ, the United Nations wrote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the rights of the children also came to the fore. Many steps have been taken to increase the condition of children’s rights. The Declaration of The Rights of the Child was announced in 1959 and 1979 was declared as the year of the world’s children, demanding all to follow 10 principles in the declaration. South Korea also ratified the treaty on November 20th in 1991. Despite all these efforts, there are less children who enjoy all 10 rights than those who do in reality. Not only the child rights abuse issues reported in news, but minor discrimination and alienation also occurs in our society and this movie well portrayed the phenomena,

“lf you fancy racing, breed racehorses, not children. Making the child to bear other’s ambition is inferior to exploitation of child labor.” This quote from the movie well represented how the competitive society extorts freedom and rights from children. The movie Taare Zameen Par: Like Stars on Earth enabled people to consider the education in India and the meaning of it from different perspective. After the movie was released, India passed the bill that provides special education curriculum for students those who experience difficulties so that they can get adequate help. India also legislated the law that gives more time for education to students who are visually or physically impaired as well as who have dyslexia during the exam period. On the other hand, in South Korea, though high enthusiasm for education also violates children’s rights as it did the same in India, the movement to improve educational conditions of children has not taken yet. I would like to recommend this movie Taare Zameen Par: Like Stars on Earth to parents and children those who only favors academic achievements, because it personally made me to search for the essence of education and to recognize the difference, not the wrongness, anew.

Intern Hyo Young Nam