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Zootopia (2016)
 Human Asia (humanasia@humanasia.org)     2017년 05월 23일    39,206  


Directors: Byron Howard, Rich Moore
Stars: Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman, Idris Elba


This film is about a rabbit 'Judy' who wants to be a police officer in the animal world. She is brave and righteous, enough to become a good police officer, but her dream is often ignored by other animals around her only because she is a rabbit. However, she does her best and graduates as the top student from the police academy. It enabled her to work in the dream city 'Zootopia' as a police officer. Although her first duty is just issuing parking tickets, she works hard and meets a great partner 'Nick', a fox who is always misunderstood. At that time, Zootopia suffers from serial cases of the mysterious disappearance and Judy receives an order to solve the problem in 48 hours. She and Nick work together and finally catch the criminal. Thus Zootopia is at peace again.

I thought about two things below after I watched this film.

First, I was impressed with the 'characters' in this film. 'Judy', the main character is a female rabbit, and she appears small and weak. Due to her appearance, many other animals think she is not up to her job. However, she is fast, wise and brave, so she does what other animals can't do and is finally recognized as 'the best police officer'.

'Nick', the other main character also suffers from others' prejudice. He was bullied by his friends when he was young because they thought 'fox is cunning and bad'. He was hurted and became a swindler with this ill feeling towards the stereotype. However, he becomes a great police officer too after he meets a parter 'Judy' who accepts him as who he is appreciates his talent.

With these elements, this film tries to make the audience realize their own prejudice and change it.

It sends the old message 'Do not judge a book by its cover' and the necessity of seeing other people's possibility with an open mind.

Second, I was surprised with the city 'Zootopia'.

When the film showed the city, I could understand why it is called a dream city by the animals. There are all kinds of animals in this city, so it needs to meet the needs of all species. For example, there is a separate door on the subway for small animals, and a juice seller has a long tube to give a cup of juice to giraffes. Also, there is a small community which is only for rodents, and hippos have their unique place to dry themselves. With all these things, a variety of animals can live together peacefully in a city.

I hoped that our society is the same with 'Zootopia', so various people such as foreigners, people with disabilities, and LGBTs can be recognized through their characters and live together in harmony. Then, it would be called as a 'Utopia', not a 'Zootopia'.

Intern Kim Ji Young