Volunteer story by Sanghyun Han
 Human Asia (humanasia@humanasia.org)     2013년 04월 04일    2,466  

Volunteer Postscript by Sanghyun Han

  I joined the volunteering program at Human Asia in order to do something meaningful during my last winter vacation as a college senior. Since I started serving in the military, I have become more serious in planning for my future. I looked back at what I had already accomplished. Things didn’t look so bad. I was diligent with my job search, got all my certificates, had good English scores, and a top-notch GPA. One day, during my class a phrase caught my eyes: “humans come first.” This phrase had great impact on my planning for the next year and I wanted to do something that could help “humans.” While searching for such opportunities, a friend recommended Human Asia's volunteering program in Nepal and I soon joined without hesitation.
  When I first met the family I was to spend the night with, there was much difficulty communicating with them. However, when Suman welcomed me with a basket of yellow flowers and sang me songs like “You are born to be loved” I felt immediately at home. Watching the children walking the streets with happy smiles on their faces, I felt grateful for being given such an opportunity. The most unforgettable moment, however, was my last day in Badikehl. That day, I visited a local school for its festival and met little Bijay, the second son of the Suman family. Bijay kept asking me if I was going to stay longer and when I told him I was leaving he held my hand and said, “Do not forget me.” His trembling black eyes troubled my heart greatly.
  My time in Nepal was even more valuable for there were people--even though the motives might not have been the same--with the same purpose of serving others at KBCC, Badikhel. We communicated with a common goal of becoming someone who can serve others. I truly hope to continue such friendship with the group.
  After my volunteering experience, the phrase “humans come first,” which had led me to Nepal, became my life motto. It will continue to be the root of all inspiration and motivation for prospective volunteer works in the future.