Volunteer's postscript by Seol Kim
 Human Asia (humanasia@humanasia.org)     2013년 07월 02일    2,177  

Seol Kim

The scene of Nepal's capital city--Kathmandu--is quite stuffy and filthy with all the automobile exhaust fumes and dusts. Nepali people, deprived of basic sanitary knowledge, seldom washed themselves, rarely changed clothes, and threw away trashes on their streets and rivers. There were bad orders everywhere forming suitable environments for bacteria to reside. Children were begging in every corner of streets when tourists passed by them. This broke my heart. The children who are supposed to be raised with much concern and love had to come out on the streets begging instead of at school studying. These children do not expect better of their lives; they are just used to their effortless way of living--begging on streets to sustain themselves.
KBCC was located in a small village called Badikhel, forty minutes away from Kathmandu, where I could enjoy fresh air and an open view of Himalaya Moutains. In the village, however, there was trash everywhere on the streets. Villagers seldom cleaned themselves or changed their clothes. The power frequently went out at night, if they had power at all. Some of their dwellings did not have bathrooms in them. I heard Badikhel is where the Paharis, low in Hindu caste system, had settled a long time ago after failing to settle in Kathmandu. It's probably the caste system, which made Paharis accept their fate without education, thus not knowing what is going on outside their village.
One thing I felt as I spent a night with the villagers and as I talked to teachers at KBCC was that women's rights were being neglected. Many men indulged in gambling whereas women bore all burdens of doing houseworks and making money. This kind of atmosphere eventually led many girls to quit their schools and jump into houseworks and moneymaking to help their families. Most of volunteers of Human Asia, including my own self, thought it would be very nice to provide a resting place and a program to get rid of their stress under a theme like 'rest, recovery, and recharge' next time.
I found all the Nepali people were extraordinarily pure and exhilarant. Hoping their living and future will be improved by education, I will, with a great expectation, support Human Asia Nepal Office continuously.